Welcome to Saint Patrick Parish in Stoneham, Mass.






        In communion with the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world, St. Patrick Parish seeks to further the mission of Jesus Christ: that all may know God’s love for them, and grow in union with God and one another.  With the Sacred Liturgy at the center of our parish life, we are formed by the Word of God and strengthened by the Eucharist.  We move from the table of the Lord to proclaim God’s presence in our world today through a variety of ministries.  Manifesting the life of the Holy Spirit in our midst, we strive to be a welcoming community where faith finds expression in service.



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We are the Church and it’s Our Birthday!


Happy Pentecost!  Happy Birthday!  Today we recall when the Holy Spirit empowered a group of frightened men and women to proclaim God’s kingdom and the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  It’s the day we celebrate the birth of our Church, which was built by the first disciples once they allowed the Holy Spirit to help them got over their fears and enkindle within them the desire to generously use their gifts to share their faith with others.

By putting their individual talents and abilities at the service of Christ’s mission, the first disciples spread the message of God’s love and laid the foundation upon which our Church stands today.  Through their efforts, we are blessed to know God’s loving presence in our lives.  Pentecost is the birthday of the Church because on this day long ago, the first disciples realized that the Holy Spirit had given them great gifts and expected them to use these gifts to help others encounter God’s love.  From that day forward, the Church grew by inviting each believer to share his or her own gifts for the good of the community. 

Through Baptism, we each received the Holy Spirit to help us grow as children of God.  In the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Holy Spirit blessed us with gifts and fruits to help us fulfill our potential as the individuals God created us to be.  In his First Letter to the Corinthians, Saint Paul explains that each of us has been given a gift, or “manifestation of the Spirit,” with a purpose in God’s plan (1 Corinthians 12:7).  What talents and abilities have you been given?  Have you considered God’s purpose in giving you these gifts?  Saint Peter urges us to use our gifts to “serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10).  Could sharing your gifts enrich your family, encourage a neighbor, help a friend, or inspire someone to a deeper level of faith?  If you do not develop and share your gifts, what part of your potential would be lost?  What part of God’s plan would remain incomplete?

Saint Paul reminds us that “in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body”
(1 Corinthians 12:12).  We are the Body of Christ, the Church, and today is our birthday.  Let’s open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and see how he might be calling us to share our gifts.




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A Job Well Done!!!!
                The 1000 Club began here at Saint Patrick Parish many many years ago. Through the enthusiasm of its first workers, a fund raising program was born that would support our Parish and our School. Through the 1970’s and the 1980’s, the 1000 Club generated thousands of dollars for Saint Patrick Parish & School.
            Certainly at its beginning, there was very little competition with other types of fund raising. However, since the late 1990’s we have been facing new competition. Families have new demands placed on them with sports fees for their children, senior citizens face lower income, the state has its lottery, and Connecticut has its casinos. Hence today organizations like the 1000 club have tremendous competition with less and less support and dwindling resources.
            After much study and reflection, with prayer and discernment, the governing committee of the 1000 Club along with members of the Parish and Finance Councils have realized now is the time to say farewell to the 1000 Club. It’s time to begin to look for a new method of generating funds that will create more enthusiasm. Our only regret will be saying goodbye to all our loyal participants and organizers.
            This decision is a direct result of the figures and numbers generated by the 1000 Club. For the past several years, the 1000 Club has not raised enough money to provide support for the Parish or School. At its’ inception, the 1000 Club raised over $20,000 per year in support of the Parish and School.
            We have enjoyed each other’s company every month for many years; we have successfully raised the money necessary to benefit the parish and school during the early years. But, now is the time to let a good thing fade away. This June 2015, will be the last 1000 Club drawing held at Saint Patrick Parish.  Anyone who has prepaid their dues will be refunded by September 1, 2015
            It is with the deepest gratitude that I thank all who have been connected with our 1000 Club over these many years. It is you who should be proud of the good work that has taken place. Thank you for a job well done!!!!
Rev. Mario J. Orrigo


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Thursday Evenings ~ Lower Church at 7:00 pm


Do you have a special attraction or devotion to the

Precious Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?


            In Saint John XXIII Apostolic Letter “On Promoting Devotion to the  Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ” he states,


“Nourished by His Body & Blood, sharing the Divine strength that has sustained countless martyrs, they will stand up to the slings and arrows of each day’s fortunes - even if need be to martyrdom itself for the sake of Christian virtue and the Kingdom of God.  Theirs will be the experience of that burning love which made St. John Chrysostom cry out, “Let us, then, come back from that table like lions breathing out fire, thus becoming terrifying to the devil, and remaining mindful of our Head and of the love He has shown for us.  This Blood, when worthily received, drives away demons and puts them at a distance from us, and even summons to us angels and the Lord of Angels,”” 


            We will be gathering for a most special and powerful prayer devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ in the lower Church on Thursday evenings.  All are most welcome!



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Remember Me.

            Every Friday we have a Eucharistic Adoration from 12 noon to 5:15 pm.  During the hour from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Holy Rosary.  Please join us as we raise all our petitions in prayer with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  One of the missionaries of Fatima, Sister Lucia, said the salvation of the world will come before the Blessed Sacrament.  Jesus asks all of us to watch with Him for one hour, to sit in gratitude before Him in the Holy Eucharist, and ask for His help for our families and the world. Come and be a part of our history.


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