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A Message from Fr. Mario

Dear Church,
As we enter into a beautiful time of year with the school year ending and summer beginning, I am reminded to be thankful for all that I have been given, patient for what is to come and to place abiding trust in God’s Divine Providence. I invite you to embrace these qualities along with me as we work together to address the needs of our parish.
I want to assure you expenses are being carefully managed with our Finance Council with Parish Council providing diligent oversight. The recent repairs to the Church, School and Rectory as well as the renovation projects we have completed or will be undertaking have ensured continued stability for years to come.
We owe much to our past parishioners whose vision, leadership and generosity built the facilities that make it possible for us to worship, to serve and to be an active faith community today. The responsibility of maintaining the facilities falls upon us... and we are handling that responsibility. During these summer months and possibly into early fall we will be undertaking the following:
  • Installing isolation valves within our heating and air conditioning systems so we do not have to shut down our entire system whenever we have a repair or leak.
  • Replacing the Rectory Roof (which is leaking) as well as replacing all the gutters, fascia boards and soffits.
  • Repairing the portion of the church roof which continues to leak and cause damage to the interior of the Church above and, replacing the ridge caps, repairing the Church gutter seams, and repairing/replacing the fascia boards.
Along with council and maintenance, we agreed the most urgent items, those that ensure the safety of our parish community or impact the use of our facilities, should be given immediate attention. Under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Paul Stocks, our Maintenance Supervisor, we developed a timeline for improvements along with a corresponding budget. I will continue to keep everyone in the loop as we schedule further repairs and improvements. Thank you once again for all that you do for our great Parish of Saint Patrick!
Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us !!!