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Just to Keep You Informed

Dear Church,

As mentioned in previous bulletin articles, we are undertaking several necessary projects in order to maintain and improve Saint Patrick Parish. In addition to the many projects already completed, we have just replaced the stairs and deck from the upper church to Pomeworth Street which were completely rotted. Most of the stucco areas of the Parish Center, along with the trim work, have been painted. We are now preparing to put in place playgrounds which will be located in the front and rear of the old school. This week the floors in Our Lady of Providence Hall are being refinished. In the back parking lot you will notice an additional dumpster for the next few weeks. You may have noticed large black dots on the concrete outside the doors to the main parking lot. The flat tar roof on back of the rectory is leaking hot tar onto the concrete...take a peek! It is dangerous for anyone who may be walking by or the kids playing in that area. Thus, we are replacing that roof immediately. I am still taking bids on replacing all the casings of the stained glass windows in the main Church which are rotting, putting the windows in danger of falling out, as well as repairing the masonry around the parish building. I will keep everyone up to date on the ongoing projects as well as where we stand with the roof on the main Church building. Thanks for all of your understanding and support!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us!
~ Fr. Mario