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Rectory/Parish Center Repairs Update

Dear Church,
As you might have noticed the necessary work on the rectory porches is progressing well and within budget. Given the fact that all three of the rectory porches were rotted and the liability issues were enormous; the builders hope to have the porches finished as soon as possible to minimize disruption.
The rectory is in a particularly bad state of disrepair having had little money spent on it over the last 50 years due to the Parish’s financial situation at that time. Today, there are growing concerns and safety issues. Over the last four years a number of small maintenance improvements on the rectory have been made, but more significant ones are needed. Overall the total cost of necessary repairs to all Parish facilities (Church, Parish Center, Rectory, and School) is approximated at 1.4 million dollars. I will keep everyone informed as to what still needs to be repaired…and no worries we are not instituting another “capital campaign!” As for the rectory, all of the windows leak or are broken and need to be replaced; the electrical system looks like something from the Addams Family house and is in need of a complete upgrade, most the of the walls do not have insulation in them (which greatly affects the heating bill) and the roof/gutters need to be replaced.
But wait...there’s more (sounds like a bad infomercial)!! After a close look at the roof shingles on the Parish Center, it appears that they are already curling. These are supposed to be 40 year shingles! We gathered any paperwork we had on said roofing project when the new Parish Center was built 12 years ago, contacted the Archdiocese of Boston Legal Office and forward to them all the information. We are seeking legal redress to attend to this matter.
We are blessed in that we are now able to pay our bills and are trying our best to budget for all the necessary repairs so that our finances will not be negatively impacted by our maintenance initiative. I would like to thank our head of facilities, Mr. Paul Stocks, as well as our Business Manager, Susanne Bromander, and their teams who have been overseeing these and many other maintenance/repair projects.
I am informing you about this to let you know we are very committed to do whatever is necessary to provide repairs, maintenance, and improvements so that Saint Patrick Parish may thrive for many years to come.
~ Fr. Mario