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Month of the Holy Rosary

Month of the Holy Rosary

Month of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

s5zsgox291gbny8n9gig443w0bl.pngOn autumn mornings, as we begin our day, the stained glass window depicting Our Lady is often blazing bright in the glow of the rising sun. Mary is illumined by the Radiant Dawn, the Sun of Justice, who is Jesus Christ her Son. Baptized into Christ Jesus our lives are meant to glow with His presence as well. One way we may grow closer to Him is by praying the Rosary. October is the Month traditionally dedicated to the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What consolation the Rosary brings. Remembering the mysteries of Christ’s life and Our Lady’s life, we repeat Hail Mary after Hail Mary. Indeed, the mysteries of the Holy Rosary- joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous- are the mysteries of our own lives as well. As we pray the Rosary, we beg Our Lady to draw us closer to Him who is our Light. We remember seeing parents and grandparents so often praying their rosaries, “telling their beads” as some referred to this devotion. We remember as well that for many saints the Rosary was an indispensable part of their daily prayer.

As you know, we at Saint Patrick Parish are trying to “revive” devotion to Our Blessed Mother particularly through the praying of the Rosary. I am sure you have heard me say many times that the Rosary is a powerful weapon against the temptations of Satan. At each of Our Lady's apparitions she has repeatedly exhorted us to “Pray the Rosary” if we want peace in our lives, “Pray the Rosary” if we want peace in our families, “Pray the Rosary” if we want peace in our world.

This is where you come in!!! During the month of October I am asking you to please make a commitment to pray the Rosary each day...especially as a family. All of the students at Saint Patrick School have received a pair of rosaries and are learning how to the say the Rosary and are encouraged to pray the Rosary with their families. We will also be providing Rosary beads to the children at our Family Mass on Sundays at 10:00 as well. Please make the effort this month to pray the Rosary and if you are available join us Weekdays in the lower Church as we pray the Rosary before the 12:00 Mass, on Mondays and Fridays at 2:45 and also and Tuesday evenings at 6:45 pm. You and your family will be amazed at the blessings and graces you will receive!