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Change ~ and a bit of relief ~ are in the air at Saint Patrick Catholic School!

Dear Church,

As we continue to repair, improve, and update our facilities you may have noticed contractors in and around our parish school buildings and rectory along with their storage container and lift in the parking lot. A few months ago, I approved a plan to install new heating and air conditioning systems in the two school buildings and rectory in order to be more cost effective and efficient to the parish in the long run. Prior to this, the parish school buildings utilized a heating system that is over 50 years old. Due to the age of the system and the pipes under the parking lot we have been losing tens of thousands every year because of leaks and the classrooms have been either quite cold or blazing hot. Several extensive and expensive repairs and upgrades have been made to extend its life, but at this point it is prudent to install new highly efficient systems in our parish buildings. These new systems will allow our students, teachers and school staff to learn, teach and work in an environment with comfortable temperatures and clean air throughout the year. These new HVAC systems will bring much needed relief to our pre-K through 8th grade students and teachers with precise temperature controls in the classrooms and offices. With about 300 people working and learning on campus for at least eight hours each weekday during the academic year, the school is the most utilized property the parish owns outside of the church itself. In order to eventually cut costs in the future the rectory will be updated with the same units as well in order to run more efficiently.

The project is quite extensive. We utilized DME Engineering to do the design work and are utilizing Fraser Engineering to bring the project to fruition. The total cost of the project is approximately $1,200,000.00 net of rebates. Have no fear, there is no Capital Campaign Drive or special second collections in order to pay for the project. Through our cost cutting and cut backs over the last 13 years we are drawing from our savings to pay for the project. However, if someone would like to donate towards the project or happens to win the lottery please keep us in mind! While we complete this major undertaking, we are still working on repairing all our stained-glass window trims in our beautiful church as well. I just wanted to keep everyone informed and once again wanted to thank you for all you do and all you are to Saint Patrick Parish!!!