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Praying together the Family Rosary

Dear Church,

We have begun an exciting new school year with our students and staff. I could recite for you the data on the robust performance of our Catholic school students on standardized tests or the enviable student-teacher ratio. I could even impress you with the diverse class offerings or the deeply compassionate Parish School Staff. In fact, I could even dazzle each one of you with the Smart Board technology, Chromebooks and cutting-edge teaching tools. Instead let me share with you the true spirit of our Parish Catholic School…its Catholic Identity.

You see, our Parish Catholic School is more than just a school, it is a deeply invested community. A community in a world grown increasingly cold and harsh, a community of faith and warmth is an immeasurably important springboard in these young kids lives as well as in ours. Undoubtedly, our school prepares the mind and by God, it prepares the soul as well. To paraphrase an old priest friend of mine, “Catholic schools are proud of what our kids do, but love them for who they are.”

As we look forward to October, the Month of the Most Holy Rosary (“Rosary” is the Latin word for a garland of roses, and the rose symbolizes the Virgin Mary.) I urge you to consider making a personal commitment to pray the rosary each day as a family. Always remember, teaching kids to pray the rosary is about instilling in them a greater love of Jesus and a better understanding of His life. They will also grow in their devotion to Mary, His mother and ours. It can be difficult at times in our busy world to pray together with our children, but the rewards are eternal!

God Bless you for all you do!