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Cold and Flu Season

(Posted Nov 12, 2019)

Cold and Flu SeasonWe are now in the cold and flu season once again. As we have noted before during cold and flu season, there is no requirement for a hand-shake at the ‘Sign of Peace’ if a parishioner is uncomfortable with that greeting. Please respect the right of parishioners to offer a verbal greeting of peace by turning toward those near them without shaking hands. If a hand is not extended, that should be indication enough that a hand-shake would not be welcome.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion have been instructed to wash their hands carefully before Mass and to use the alcohol-based hand-sanitizer provided for them immediately prior to distribution of Holy Communion.

Please be attentive to the advice of health professionals and protect yourself and others by frequent hand-washing and reception of the flu shots as they become available to you. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.