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Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration of the Eucharist

“The only time our Lord asked the Apostles for anything was the night He went into agony … Could you not watch one hour with me?” Not for an hour of activity did he plead, but for an hour of companionship.”
Venerable Fulton Sheen

Here at Saint Patrick Parish we have the opportunity to answer that question during our own time of Adoration. Beginning September 12, 2022 we will have Exposition and Adoration every day, Monday through Saturday beginning at 11:00 am until the Mass at 12:00, then following the 12:00 Mass until 4:00 pm; also once a month on Sundays at 3:00 pm for those who cannot make the other times. I understand that we all live in a busy world, but as disciples of Christ, Jesus asks you and I the same question: Could you not watch one hour with me? During Eucharistic adoration we “watch and wait” we remain “silent or in prayer” in His Eucharistic Presence and open ourselves to His Graces, which flow from the Eucharist. By worshipping the Eucharistic Jesus, we become what God wants us to be as the Lord draws us to Himself and transforms us and in turn we reflect His goodness and mercy in our work and in our homes. Try to make a commitment to dedicate time in prayer every day and if you can, join Our Lord in His Eucharistic Presence keeping Him company.

(Posted Aug 17, 2022)