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Farewell from Principal Magazzu

Farewell from Principal Magazzu

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Dear St. Patrick Community,

     For fourteen years I have served St. Patrick School in a multitude of capacities: Reading Teacher, Spanish Teacher, Middle School ELA/Religion and Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal. The most honored of these roles has been as Principal. In the past four years, enrollment has increased over 40%, a second 4 year old preschool program opened, a summer program was started, a new STEAM program was created, music class was brought back to middle school, Spanish moved to include K-5, a Development Director was hired, Chromebooks were made available for most grades, and we managed to successfully sustain in person instruction during a global pandemic. We have made tremendous progress as a school. I have met my best friends here, been honored to work with some of the most talented and dedicated teachers, and loved every second with the children as if they were my own. I have given my all to St. Patrick School. After much prayer, deep reflection, and many conversations with my family, I have made the difficult decision to leave as Principal for the simple reason to have more time to focus on my health and family. God has called me on a new path. While I do not know what will be next for me, I know that I carry the love and support of the hundreds of families I have met throughout my time here and the amazing school and parish staff that I served. I also would not leave the school unless I felt confident with the next leader’s ability to foster and grow all of our accomplishments. I am thrilled that the next principal of the school will be our own Assistant Principal, Dr. Laurie Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan will take over upon my departure at the end of June.

     I cannot thank this community enough, especially Father Mario, for all the support and love that I have received. We have endured a lot together. I hope to continue to see many of you at weekly Mass. I ask that you continue to keep me in your prayers as you will be in mine. I will miss you all dearly, and I know that St. Patrick School will continue to Rise Up!

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Mrs. Bailey Magazzu

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“...act justly, love and serve one another, and walk humbly with God”

(Posted May 18, 2022)