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God in Daily Life

(Posted Nov 12, 2019)

How do I bring God into the work of my daily life?

Whatever your daily work, you have an opportunity to encounter God and to follow His commandments in love. In the New Testament, we see that most of the Apostles didn’t have a previous religious position. They were fishermen, tax collectors, and political activists. St. Paul was a tentmaker. Among the saints, we have doctors, lawyers, farmers, and stay-at-home moms. No matter your daily tasks, God can be present there!

One way concerns behavior. Start with an examination of conscience. Look at areas where you tend to struggle to imitate Christ at work. Do you gossip? Does brimming frustration become impatience at home? Pick one sin you struggle with, then choose a virtue to strengthen that area. If you tend to speak poorly of your co-workers, resolve to stop and to say one kind thing a day instead.

Another way relates to perspective, particularly your perspective of others. Jesus’ incarnation reminds us of the value of every human being. Jesus is God, and each of us is created in God’s image. When you encounter another person, you have an opportunity to see God in a new place and a new way — in that person in front of you. Genuinely listen to them and be present to their concerns. Loving your neighbor is loving God! Our relationship with God and the love He inspires in our hearts shouldn’t remain only at church on Sunday. We can — and should — let our faith animate our lives!