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Grow and Go 33rd Sunday


Woman prayingNovember 15, 2020 | Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
PRV 31:10-13 | 1 Thes 5:1-6 | Mt 25:14-30

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I’m bemused by the servant in today’s Gospel who basically buries the single talent that was entrusted to him. (A talent was an ancient measuring unit of weight for silver and gold.) Meanwhile, the other two wisely invested the talents entrusted to them, and doubled their money. Building on last week’s Gospel which showed those who were prepared to meet the bridegroom were invited into the wedding feast, this parable challenges us to realize that the invitation to the feast is the beginning, not the end. We are not to rest comfortably with what we have been given — the gift of faith — but to invest in the Kingdom, and to build on that gift of faith. For example, we may have a palpable experience of God’s presence at a retreat or through Eucharistic adoration. However, if that goes no further than being buried as a memory or feel-good experience, we are no better than the wicked, lazy servant. Faith is a gift intended to be put into practice and shared. When we invest in it through the sacraments, serving others, and reading the Scriptures, our faith will continue to grow.


So, I’m a bit of a horder. I cling to mementoes of days past, whether it’s my son’s first plastic Playskool vacuum (sold at a garage sale by my husband, but that’s another story), a book given to me by a friend, or a treasured letter. I admit I relate to the servant who buried his money for fear he’d lose it. Sometimes I think I cling to memories -- relationships and experiences that are important to me -- and fail to invest in what makes those memories valuable. A similar dynamic can happen with our faith and our friendship with Jesus. We can go through the motions without giving it much thought. Today’s Gospel challenges us to seek opportunities to grow in our faith and “make new memories” with Jesus -- to invest in building the kingdom of God, whether that’s inviting a friend to Mass, returning to the Eucharist ourselves, or spending more time with Scripture. By putting our faith into action in this way, we cannot only grow in our faith, but invite others to come along with us on the journey.

Find a Eucharistic adoration chapel near you and spend some time with Christ. Thank Jesus for the blessings in your life. Bring him your needs. Ask Jesus to give you his grace that you might grow in union with him.

(Posted Nov 10, 2020)