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Grow and Go First Sunday of Advent

Grow+Go ~ First Sunday of Advent

Grow and Go 2022 Nov 27
November 27, 2022 | First Sunday of Advent

Is 2:1-5 | Rom 13:11-14 | Mt 24:37-44
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Don’t get me wrong. I love vacations and weekends away. But the night and day before? It’s always a whirlwind of laundry, packing, and shopping for groceries and essential car snacks. I knew we were going away. I could have gotten my act together earlier. Next trip, I tell myself. Then the cycle repeats itself. Advent can be that way. This year’s going to be the year! No rushing around, no crazy last-minute shopping, no stress: I’m going to study the daily readings, read that Advent devotional, settle into the season of waiting. Today’s readings speak not only to procrastinators like me but also to the planners: Wherever we are on that continuum, Advent gives us an opportunity to ready our souls for Jesus’ coming. It’s less about what we do when than about preparing our hearts. Through prayer, study and the liturgies of this season, we can ask God to help us clean house within and prepare for Jesus’ coming.


Today is not only the first Sunday of Advent, but the first day of the liturgical year. Today’s readings encourage us to prepare for Christ’s coming. I love St. Paul’s imagery: “Let us then throw off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us … put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” Just as we make resolutions for the new calendar year, Advent affords us an opportunity to start anew. However, the gift of our faith reminds us that we are not alone in this! We can seek the help of the Holy Spirit through prayer and turn to the accountability partners who sit in the pews next to us at Sunday Mass. We, in turn, can be a light to others through our words, attitudes, and actions. As we light our houses and light our Christmas trees this year, we can remember to put on the armor of light ourselves as we begin this holy season.

Even with the best of intentions, the holiday season can become busy. As you go about errands or prepare your home, make an effort to listen to Advent hymns or reflections.

(Posted Nov 23, 2022)