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Lower Church Memorial Gift Opportunities

Lower Church Memorial Gift Opportunities

Thank you to all that have contributed to the renovation of our lower church! This renovation would not have been possible without the generosity of our faithful parishioners. We are extremely grateful for all the support we received during this project.

Several parishioners have inquired about memorializing opportunities available in support of the lower church project. Following is a list of items available to be memorialized along with the suggested offering.

Lower Church Altar 602x447.png  
  Lower Church Mary Statue 643x477.png
Lower Church Wall Display 333x458.png   Lower Church Door 313x475.png
Baptismal Shell $50
Altar Linens $100
Ablution Cup $100
Altar Cloth $250
Holy Water Font $250
Vigil Lamp $300
Lavabo Bowl Set (Ewer & Basin) $350
Musician’s Chair $500
Entrance Bell $500
Padre Pio $500
Infant of Prague $500
Missal Stand $500
Chasuble $750
Baptismal Cabinet $750
Ambo $1,000
Cantor Stand $1,000
Pews $1,000
* Stations of the Cross $1,000
Deacon Chair $1,500
Credence Table $2,000
Presider’s Chair $2,500
Mary - on altar $2,500
Joseph - on altar $2,500
Confessional 1 $3,000
Confessional 2 $3,000
Crucifix $3,000
Baptismal Font $5,000
Organ $5,000
Baptism of Jesus $5,000
Baptism of Jesus $5,000
** Stained Glass Window 1-4 $5,000
Lower Church Sacristy $7,500
*** Candle Bank around Our Lady of Fatima $10,000
Lower Chapel $150,000

* Stations of the Cross - Available - Stations 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 14
** Stained Glass Windows 1-4 to be installed in hallway to Lower Church.
*** Bank of Candles (to be purchased) to surround Our Lady of Fatima Statue.

Strikethrough items have been memorialized and are no longer available.

If you would like to make a general donation of $250 or more in support of the lower church renovation project, we would be happy to add your name or your loved one’s name to our donor memorial board.

Please download and print out this Lower Church Renovation Donation Form and submit with your donation information. You can also send in the form from the weekly bulletin.

(Updated Jun 23, 2021)