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Mission of Deeds Volunteer Opportunities

Mission of Deeds Volunteer Opportunities

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Mission of Deeds is a volunteer-supported nonprofit. We rely on neighbors to further our mission. To this end, we are looking to expand the number of volunteers in the following areas so we can assist more clients:


We need volunteers to offer their time to bring used furniture back to life. Workshop volunteers enable us to take in furniture that needs significant work. If you know how to repair, woodwork, or reupholster, we would be delighted to have you join our volunteer crew. This is a self-guided activity. Must have prior experience.

Truck Pickup Crew

Hit the road to pick up furniture from local homes in the MOD-branded truck. If you have a CDL, we would be delighted for you to drive. But you do not need to drive to be part of the pickup crew.

Mission of Deeds requires items to be outside to make pickups safe and efficient. You need the ability to lift 50 lbs+.

Warehouse Crew

Pick things up and put them down! We are looking for volunteers comfortable lifting furniture and moving heavy pieces out of our warehouse and into client trucks. You must have ability to lift 50 lbs+.

At the moment, these are our only available volunteer opportunities. Please reach out to David McIsaac ([email protected]) or click on the button below if you are interested in these roles.

(Posted May 17, 2023)