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Older Parish News

Older Parish News

Project Nazareth: Advent Series (Posted Nov 10, 2021)

Project Nazareth is offering a free 4-week Advent series to help families prepare for Christmas. Let's help Advent begin at home! Read More »

Stoneham Community Dinner (Posted Nov 16, 2021)

Tuesday, November 23rd, 5:45pm. The Stoneham Community Dinner will be sponsoring a Thanksgiving Dinner– Grab & Go meal at the First Congregational Church, 1 Church Street, Stoneham. Read More »

Grow+Go ~ Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Posted Nov 17, 2021)

Dn 7:13-14 | Rv 1:5-8 | Jn 18:33b-37 Read More »

Exhibit of Eucharistic Miracles (Posted Nov 10, 2021)

Sat, Nov 27th from Noon to 8PM and Sun, Nov 28th from 8AM to 8PM. St. William Parish, 1351 Main St., Tewksbury, MA. Read More »

Grow+Go ~ Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Posted Nov 10, 2021)

Dn 12:1-3 | Heb 10:11-14, 18 | Mk 13:24-32 Read More »

Saint Patrick Holiday Helpers (Posted Oct 27, 2021)

Saint Patrick Holiday Helpers Program is back this year, geared at helping those among us who are having difficulty making ends meet during this holiday season. Read More »

Boston Marian Conference (Posted Nov 03, 2021)

Saturday, November 13-Sunday, November 14 at the Marriott Quincy Hotel, 1000 Marriott Drive, Quincy, MA. Read More »

Grow+Go ~ Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Posted Nov 03, 2021)

1 Kgs 17:10-16 | Heb 9:24-28 | Mk 12:38-44 or 12:41-44 Read More »

Third Order Carmelites (Posted Oct 20, 2021)

Third Order Carmelites are lay members of a community governed by the Ancient Observance Carmelite Order. Read More »

Grow+Go ~ Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (Posted Oct 27, 2021)

Dt 6:2-6 | Heb 7:23-28 | Mk 12:28b-34 Read More »

PREGNANCY HELP BOSTON (Reposted Oct 13, 2021)

Pregnancy Help serves anyone facing crisis pregnancy situations. Our staff of nurses and case workers is trained to give individualized care to help you through this difficult time. Read More »

Pregnancy Care Centers (Reposted Oct 06, 2021)

In the North Shore Area we have “The Pregnancy Care Center” in Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell and Revere, MA. Each of these centers offer free and confidential services to women in need. Read More »

St Andrew Dinner (Posted Oct 06, 2021)

Tuesday, November 9th 6:00 to 8:00 pm, and Tuesday, March 15th, 2022 6:00 to 8:00 pm. All High School age young men invited to St. John Seminary in Brighton. Read More »

Our Lady of Guadalupe Intercessor of the Unborn (Reposted Oct 06, 2021)

To help stop the anti-life push in the world, it was recommended, an individual say the following daily prayer for a period of one year.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.”

Lift Your Voice and Sing! and Choir News (Posted Sep 29, 2021)

We are bringing back Congregational singing to the Mass. Although, we have decided to wait on the return of both the Adult and Children’s Choir. Read More »

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD (Posted Sep 29, 2021)

Say No to Physician Assisted Suicide. Read More »

Actual vs Budget Fiscal Year 2020-2021 (Posted Sep 22, 2021)

Following is our yearly communication of both the parish and school’s financial health for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. Read More »

Religious Education News

Visit our NEW religious education page to learn about our Virtual Class or Homeschool options for Grades 1-10 and to register your child for the fall.

Prayer of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Posted Sep 15, 2021)

Stay with me, Lord … Read More »

Lower Church Memorial Gift Opportunities (Updated Sep 15, 2021)

Several parishioners have inquired about memorializing opportunities available in support of the lower church project. We have a list of items available to be memorialized along with the suggested offering. Read More »

Archdiocese of Boston Update to COVID Protocols (Posted Sep 01, 2021)

Safety Precautions at Masses Read More »

Eucharistic Adoration (Posted Sep 08, 2021)

Understood simply, Eucharistic Adoration is adoring or honoring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. In its fullest essence, Eucharistic Adoration is God and man reaching out for each other at the same time. Read More »

Back to School (Posted Sep 01, 2021)

Student’s Prayer for a New School Year. Read More »

RCIA Registration is now open (Posted Aug 18, 2021)

Registration for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (known as the R.C.I.A. program) is currently underway. Read More »

EWTN Global Catholic Network (Posted Aug 04, 2021)

Would you like to see more Christ-centered, family television, radio and online services? If so, EWTN Global Catholic Network can be an answer to your prayers! Read More »

Altar Flower Memorials for 2021 Sunday Masses (Updated Jul 28, 2021)

Each weekend you have the opportunity to donate the weekend arrangement on the altar in memory of loved ones. Read More »

Anointing of the Sick (Reposted Jun 30, 2021)

The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, also known as last rights, Extreme Unciton, is meant to bestow special grace on Christians going through serious illness and old age. Read More »

Marriage Validation Ceremony (Posted Mar 31, 2021)

December 31 at Saint Theresa Church in North Reading Make your New Year’s Eve special by having your Marriage Blessed in the presence of God. Read More »

Cardinals letter on reinstating Sunday Mass obligation (Posted Jun 09, 2021)

Brothers and Sisters, “Without the Lord’s day, we cannot live!” His Holiness, Pope Benedict, in his homily at the Cathedral of Saint Stephen in Vienna on September 9, 2007, quoted the Abitinian Martyrs, who during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian were arrested for celebrating Sunday Mass. The martyrs responded to the magistrate: “Sine dominico non possumus!” – without the Lord’s day, we cannot live! Read More »

Eviction Moratorium Ending (Posted Jun 06, 2021)

With eviction moratorium ending June 30, families have options for help. Households May be Eligible for up to Twelve Months of Rental Arrears With no Dollar Limit. Read More »

PARISH APP! (Posted Oct 16, 2019)

Keep up to date with Saint Patrick Parish with our new app! Have instant access to hours, contacts, news items and reminder messages. Read More »

Emergency COVID Collection for the Church in India and Brazil (Posted May 26, 2021)

As you may know, there is immense suffering and loss of life occurring in India and Brazil due to the pandemic. The Catholic Church, through Catholic Relief Services (CRS), is on the ground in those countries working to support local hospitals and programs which are being overwhelmed and which have reached a breaking point. Read More »

Directives and Information, COVID 19 (Posted May 24, 2021)

There have been many questions regarding new CDC guidance and how various dioceses are implementing them. The Archdiocese of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have been working together to implement the new guidelines. Read More »

Prayer for the Holy Spirit (Posted May 19, 2021)

Holy Spirit, fan into flame the gifts I received in my Baptism and Confirmation. Read More »

Misericordia Project Education of the poorest in Kigali, Rwanda (Updated May 31, 2021)

Fr. Marcel Uwineza, S.J. is once again appealing to you all to support Misercordia Project; an initiative he started in 2012 together with a group of seven committed lay Rwandan Catholics to help educate children from the poorest and most vulnerable families (mostly girls), in the outskirts of Kigali in Rwanda.  Read More »

Mary Garden (Posted May 12, 2021)

Four flowers to plant in your Mary Garden. “Mary is a garden of delights into which are sown all kinds of flowers and spice plants of the virtues.” — St. Jerome Read More »

St Vincent dePaul Society (Reposted Mar 03, 2021)

During this pandemic the St Vincent dePaul Society continues to serve our neighbors in need. Please help us with your contributions using the mounted boxes in the rear of the church. Your help will be a blessing for the less fortunate in these difficult times. God bless you !

Ignation Volunteer Corps (IVC) New England (Posted Apr 21, 2021)

IVC, a yearlong volunteer opportunity for women and men 50 years of age and better, is recruiting volunteers for the up-coming (September to June) year. Read More »

Worldwide Marriage Encounter (Updated Mar 23, 2021)

Weekends are currently being held virtually, for more information go to their website https://wwmema.org/ or call 800-710-9963

Read More »

Stations of the Cross (Posted Mar 17, 2021)

Question: Who invented the Stations of the Cross?

Answer: The first Stations of the Cross were walked by Jesus himself on the way to Calvary. Read More »

ONLINE and ELECTRONIC GIVING (Reposted Feb 17, 2021)

As we continue to navigate through the latest restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus Pandemic including the suspension of all Masses, our Parish still needs your support to meet our recurring monthly expenses. Read More »

Special Edition Holy Cloak Novena for the Year of St. Joseph and Lenten Adoration (Posted Feb 17, 2021)

Holy Cloak Novena Booklets published for the Year of St. Joseph are available from the Legion of Mary by emailing [email protected] or calling 781-391-1396. Read More »

A Prayer to our Lady of Guadalupe (Posted Feb 03, 2021)

Virgin of Guadalupe, Patroness of unborn children, we implore your intercession for every child at risk of abortion. Read More »

COVID/Quarantine Prayer (Posted Dec 29, 2020)

Pray for people who are infected with COVID-19 or facing quarantine. Read More »

Project Rachel (Reposted Dec 22, 2020)

For Hope and Healing after abortion. Read More »

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR SAFE MASS ATTENDANCE {In light of the rising COVID crisis} (Posted Dec 01, 2020)

Stay at home if you are sick or not feeling well. If you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID 19 or is in the process of being tested, you cannot attend Mass for the mandatory fourteen-day quarantine period. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains lifted until further notice, especially if you are part of a vulnerable population and/or have an underlying health condition. Read More »


1 - Make an act of faith. 2 - Make an act of love. 3 - Express your desire to receive Him. 4 - Invite Jesus to come into your heart. Read More »

5 SAINTS ADVOCATES FOR PEACE (Posted Nov 04, 2020)

Read More »

AVE MARIA STELLA (Posted Oct 01, 2020)

Hail, Star of the sea! Blessed Mother of God, yet ever a virgin! O happy gate of heaven! Read More »

THE ROSARY (Posted Oct 01, 2020)

Question: What is the story behind the rosary?

Answer: The rosary is a sacred and popular Catholic devotion, but its origins are mysterious. Read More »


Answer: The practice of Eucharistic Adoration is a centuries old ritual and falls within a broader category of devotions and rituals that are associated with the Sacrament of the Eucharist. In a particular way, Eucharistic Adoration is an extension of the worship and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that occurs in every Mass. Read More »

SCAM ALERT! (Posted Aug 24, 2020)

Fr. Mario's name is being used in a scam to try and extract gift cards from parishioners. DO NOT to respond to the text. Fr. Mario would never ask parishioners to forward a picture of a gift card to him. Read More »


Read More »


If you find yourself considering these deeper thoughts or seeking answers to life’s bigger questions, I encourage you to delve into the mysteries of life and seek answers in relationship with Jesus Christ. I invite you to join our gatherings of the R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) and explore what God might be leading you to consider. Read More »

PRAYER SHAWLS (Posted Jul 22, 2020)

Do you know someone who is sick or perhaps lonely and would benefit from the warm embrace of a prayer shawl? Read More »


The Adoration Society of St. Joseph’s in Medford kindly asks for your help in restoring Eucharistic Adoration. Read More »


Read More »


A story is told of an old farmer who was harvesting his agricultural crop. However, in the process he lost his beautiful wristwatch. He felt so much pain because of the value he attached to it. Read More »

SUNDAY MASS VIDEOS (Posted Apr 29, 2020)

Beginning the weekend of May 9-10, Fr. Mario and Fr. Frank will be celebrating Mass which will be aired on Stoneham TV’s Public Channel (Comcast 9, RCN 3, Verizon 34) four times a week. Read More »


We live in difficult and trying times. I hardly need elaborate the multitude of crises including the current pandemic that fill the globe and our own community. Sadly, many are succumbing to an overwhelming anxiety and discouragement. But no matter how tempting it is, we must not shrink back. We must pray and fast with a living faith and a firm confidence—and there is no better way to do this than by praying the Holy Rosary. Almost every time the Blessed Virgin has appeared in an approved apparition she has said...if you want peace in your world, pray the Rosary, if you want peace in your family, pray the Rosary, if you want peace in your heart, pray the Rosary!

FAMILY MINISTRY (Posted Apr 29, 2020)

There have been many inquiries from people would like to help those in need during this pandemic. You are invited to help us help our neighbors via donations in the form of gift cards for local supermarkets or checks made out to St. Patrick Family Ministry. If you need or know someone who needs assistance, please call the Parish Office at 781-438-0960. Thank you!!

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER (Posted Apr 22, 2020)

Stoneham Community Dinner; Other Open Food Pantries; Organizations that You can turn to for Mental Health and Substance Abuse; School Lunch Help; Stoneham Senior Center. Read More »

PARISH REGISTRATION (Updated Apr 15, 2020)

Many people think that because they attend a particular parish they automatically belong. But membership requires signing up, formally enrolling yourself in a parish. Read More »

DEVOTIONAL RESOURCES (Updated Mar 31, 2020)

We have the following ways to keep celebrating Mass and stay connected until we can congregate again. Read More »

PRAYER FOR THE HOME (Posted Apr 06, 2020)

Visit, we beseech Thee, O Lord, this dwelling, and drive far from it all snares of the enemy; let Thy holy Angels dwell herein, to preserve us in peace; and let Thy blessing be upon us forever. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

A MILLION ROSARIES (Posted Mar 31, 2020)

During Portugal's 1974 Carnation Revolution, Our Lady said to Sister Lucia, "When a million families pray the rosary, the revolution will end." Read More »


Lord God, threatened now by the spread of the Coronavirus, we ask that you keep us, our loved ones, and everyone, from harm. Read More »


As we have been watching the news, there seems to be a cloud of darkness and fear spreading over our communities and church. But don't forget we have the spiritual weapons we need to punch back against this pandemic. Read More »

MOTHER’S GROUP (Posted Mar 04, 2020)

Fridays, 9:00am. Ladies, come join the St. Mary’s, Melrose Mom group to gain some bible study and fellowship. Read More »

RISK ALERT: CORONAVIRUS (Posted Mar 04, 2020)

The Archdiocese of Boston, through the Office of Risk Management, is monitoring the situation related to the coronavirus outbreak and updating relevant planning guides should the situation warrant in the Commonwealth. Read More »


The long-awaited Saint Patrick Tree of Life has been installed in the entry to our church. Read More »

BAPTIZING CHILDREN (Posted Jan 08, 2020)

Why do Catholics baptize infants, while some other Christian denominations wait until adulthood? Read More »

GOD IN DAILY LIFE (Posted Nov 12, 2019)

Question: How do I bring God into the work of my daily life? Answer: Read More »

CANTORS NEEDED (Posted Sep 18, 2019)

Do you like to sing? Want to share your gift of music with the Lord and your community? Read More »


Starting in the third grade, children from Saint Patrick Parish are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Altar Server Ministry. Saint Patrick’s is in need of altar servers. They are a very important part of our parish liturgy celebrations. Altar servers participate at weekend liturgies, but they may also participate at daily Mass, funerals, and weddings if needed. Read More »


Some polls indicate that the public is receptive to assisted suicide. But the same polls show that people’s views shift when they learn about its dangers. Read More »

CHOIR - CHILDREN'S, ADULT and YOUTH (Posted Aug 28, 2019)

We are welcoming grades 2-7 for our children's choir, grades 8-12 for our youth choir, and older members for our adult choir. Read More » 

UNBOUND: Deliverance, Freedom, Belonging (Posted Jul 17, 2019)

Do you struggle with reliving past traumas? Obsessive patterns & thoughts? Unforgiveness? Addiction? Do you want deeper intimacy with God? UNBOUND prayer available at St. Patrick’s may be the answer! Read More »


Did you know that all Medicare Part D plans cover a shingles vaccine, such as Zostavax or the newly released shingles vaccine, Shingrix, which is recommended by the CDC (center for Disease Control and Prevention)? Read More »


In 2002, Pope John Paul II wrote a letter to all Catholics regarding the Rosary. In this letter, which was entitled The Most Holy Rosary, Pope John Paul II announced the addition of the Luminous Mysteries to the Rosary history in addition to the traditional mysteries of the rosary... Read More »


The Knights of Columbus is seeking a field agent for a career opportunity representing their Insurance, Annuity and Long Term Care Program. We offer a complete benefits package with this full-time position. In order to qualify, one must be eligible for membership in the Knights of Columbus. For more information on this exciting career opportunity, please contact Michael R. Capobianco, General Agent at (508) 238-2300.


We feed the hungry. We visit the sick. We clothe those in need. We help keep the lights on. We help provide heat. Come join the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. For more information, contact the Parish Office at 781-438-0960.


The Archdiocese of Boston is committed to maintaining a safe environment for children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Through its Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach, the Archdiocese continues to make counseling and other services available to survivors, their families and parishes impacted by clergy sexual abuse, and in particular those who may need additional support at this time, are encouraged to contact the Archdiocese's Office of Pastoral Support and Outreach at 617-746-5995.


Our Sunday Visitor has a series of free webcasts that will deepen your knowledge and faith. Visit https://www.osvcatholicbookstore.com/webcasts for more information and links to register.


If anyone is in need of a prayer square and/or a shawl, they can contact the rectory who will let me know. The recipient's name(s) are entered into our book which we pray over every week. Thank you in advance, ~ Carol Johnston on behalf of the Ladies of the Prayer Shawl Ministry


1060AM Catholic Radio is a great source to learn more about our faith, a devotional support for your prayer life and a source for information about the moral questions of our time. This Radio Station is not funded by the Archdiocese of Boston and thus totally dependent on private donations. Share your experience of the blessing of this station with others.