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Saint Patrick School and Catholic Education

Saint Patrick School and Catholic Education
Abigail Brogen - Grade 8

“Lead from the front. Focus on the things ahead of you, not the things around you that are disappearing.” – Fr. Mario. This phrase is what my image and fondness of what St. Patrick School is built upon. Over the years, I have grown to understand how to “lead from the front” and the importance of it. It describes not just a leader, but someone who is strong-willed, loving, and faithful. However, I don’t just mean faithful to God, but faithful to the ones around them. St. Patrick School and Parish “lead from the front” in a way. By leading all the students to a path lit by God and His love for us, but also how to lead confidently and setting a good example. St. Patrick School is catholic education. This is something that I am lucky enough to have had since I started attending St. Patrick School.

At St. Patrick School, we take what we learn in the classroom and in mass and put it into action. This means to lead others to the path to heaven and God’s loving arms. We don’t just go to school to check off another day on the calendar or because we have to. St. Patrick School and Parish are unlike any other, from its compassionate teachers to its peaceful, yet interactive masses with the most kind-hearted priests and deacons, this community lays the groundwork for the ability to grow, not just for students, but for everyone, even the adults. Above all, it introduces you to people that will be like another family, who will comfort and stick with you through the highs and lows of life, encourage you through difficult tasks, and help you out of your own desire. Finding the right place is hard; however, it isn’t hard when you have the best people standing behind you, supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

Catholic education is something that has been supporting me tremendously throughout my whole life. It’s something that prepares us to go into the real world and use what we have learned. Not just to do the right thing, but to try to make an impact on others and help them to the light of Christ. Catholic education is something that provides me with a strong foundation to fall back on when I am challenged in life. It means learning, understanding, and practicing following God and using His lessons in our everyday lives to choose the right path. Catholic education isn’t sitting in a classroom, reading Bibles, or praying for an hour. It does have to do with those, but it is something that teaches us how to be morally and spiritually good human beings.

I have learned how to be reverent, respectful, and dedicated to our faith from people who have had firsthand experience - Father Mario and Deacon Frank. They both have taught me, ever since I was in Pre-K even if I fully didn’t comprehend it then, that God will always be with me, forgive me, and love me… and they will do the same. Catholic education is not only about what you are being taught, it’s about who helped you get where you are today. Who helped you become the person you were meant to be but never even realized that you had that potential? Who were the people who took the time to love, teach, and believe in you, even if you didn’t think you could do something? These people should be the things we cherish the most and the memories we made with them along the way. I am truly blessed to have been at this school because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have learned the important lessons, met the irreplaceable people, or realized how much I need their guidance in my life.

St. Patrick School and Parish, along with Catholic education are the shields that protect my faith, supporting and inspiring me on my religious journey with Christ and His guidance. All have fortified my eternal love for Christ, everyone around me, and my faith in general. For as long as I can remember, I have had a Catholic education and an empathetic school family, which both have helped me strengthen my relationship with Christ and my faith. Altogether, I know I will keep on strengthening it with the help of the family of St. Patrick School and Parish and the support of my catholic education. I learned from a friend that God always has a reason to introduce, keep, or take away people in your life. Well, I know that I can trust God and His plan for me because the people I was introduced to and have kept with me are one in a million.

(Posted May 24, 2023)