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The 10 Commandments for Safe Mass Attendance

{In light of the rising COVID crisis}

1 Reservations are required for all Weekend Masses.

No walk-ins permitted.
2 Church doors will be locked 10 minutes after Mass begins.
3 Face masks, covering both nose and mouth, are absolutely required to attend Mass due to the COVID resurgence.

We CANNOT make medical exceptions at this time.
4 No additional seats from OLPH are to be brought into the church.
5 Holy Communion is received In-Hand only.
6 Enter pews from the center aisle only, unless otherwise directed by an usher.
7 Go all the way to the end of the pew before sitting, so others may sit in the same pew and will not be blocked from entering.
8 Dismissal begins with both center tribunals first; Beginning with the last rows moving towards the altar.

When the center tribunals are emptied; then both side tribunals will exist in the same manner; last rows first.
9 When exiting, use the side aisles, one row at a time. Do not use center aisle.

Use both stairways to exit at the conclusion of Mass.
10 Parishioners seated on the right side exit using the right side aisle and stairway.

Parishioners seated on the left side exit using the left side aisle and stairway.


Stay at home if you are sick or not feeling well.

If you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID 19 or is in the process of being tested, you cannot attend Mass for the mandatory fourteen-day quarantine period.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains lifted until further notice, especially if you are part of a vulnerable population and/or have an underlying health condition.

(Posted Dec 01, 2020)