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The Mysteries of the Rosary

The Mysteries of the Rosary

Have you ever wanted to explore the life of Jesus and Mary in a deeper way? Each decade highlights a sacred episode:

Joyful Mysteries: Through the Annunciation (1) and Visitation (2), we get a glimpse at Mary’s joyful yes to God. She gives birth to Jesus in the Nativity (3). Mary and Joseph present their son at the temple (4) and bring him there again when he is a teenager (5).

Luminous Mysteries: Jesus is baptized in the Jordan River (1) before Mary gives him a nudge to his first miracle at Cana (2). Jesus proclaims the Gospel (3), is transfigured on Mount Tabor (4), and institutes the Eucharist (5). The light is shining!

Sorrowful Mysteries: Jesus prays in agony in Gethsemane (1), knowing his hour of suffering has come. After his betrayal and arrest, Jesus is scourged (2) and crowned with thorns (3). He carries his cross (4), and Mary stands at the foot of the cross as he is crucified (5).

Joyous Mysteries: Christ is risen in glory (1)! After appearing to those he loves, he ascends into heaven (2). Jesus’ followers receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (3). Mary, unaffected by original sin, is assumed body and soul into heaven (4), where she is crowned queen, humble mother of Christ the King (5).


(Posted Oct 05, 2022)