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We Three Kings

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We Three Kings

The song "We Three Kings" details the gifts of the Magi, but do you know what you're singing? "Born a king on Bethlehem's plan, gold I bring to crown Him again." This one is the most straightforward - gold symbolizes the Kingship of Christ. "Myrrh is mine: its bitter perfume breathes a life of gathering gloom." Myrrh is an embalming spice. Already at Christ's birth, we have the symbolic reminder of his death. "Frankincense to offer have I. Incense owns a deity nigh." In many religious traditions, incense symboliz-es prayers rising to heaven. In some pagan traditions, it is thought to help "call down" the deity. The gift of frankincense symbolizes Jesus' role as the Great High Priest, sanctifying the world through his sacrifice.

(Posted Dec 29, 2020)