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Just to Keep You Informed - Part II

As mentioned in previous bulletins, we are undertaking several necessary projects to repair, maintain, and improve Saint Patrick Parish. We recently completed replacing the flat roof on the rear of the rectory which was leaking hot tar on the concrete below where everyone exits after Mass. In doing so not only did we discover some of God's creatures living in the roof, but also every 2x6 surrounding the entire rectory roof is rotted, all the original gutters were installed incorrectly allowing moisture and water damage, and the entire roof needs to be replaced.

But wait - there's more!!!! We had the roofers check on the Parish Center roof since the 40 year shingles which were installed only 12 years ago are failing and curling, and we discovered serious issues with the installation of that roof as well...allowing water and moisture to enter the parish roof. We will try to make any necessary and immediate repairs before winter. Just know that we may have to replace the entire parish roof.

Please pray for Fr. Frank and me and I have already put in my job application for Dunkin' Donuts in downtown Montreal, Canada and am just waiting for my first interview.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel...pray for us.