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For Dropped or Partially Consumed Hosts

New Procedure for Disposing of Consecrated Hosts 
That Have Been Dropped or Partially Consumed But Not Swallowed

In the Upper Sacristy, there is a new crystal bowl (see "Dropped Host Vessel" picture below on the left) with a cover on the wooden table next to the sink (see "Secrarium" picture below on the right) that is to be used to dispose of any consecrated hosts that are dropped or partially consumed but not swallowed.

Dropped Host Vessel   Secrarium
Dropped Host Vessel            Secrarium
  1. If a host or a number of hosts are dropped during Mass, please do not panic.  Calmly pick up the hosts from the floor and carry them into the sacristy.
    Note: you can always consume a host that has dropped on the floor. Consuming a host that has fallen to the floor is always the most reverent and preferable response.
  2. Remove the glass cover, place the dropped hosts into the designated bowl, and cover them with HOT water.
  3. Replace the glass cover and leave the hosts to dissolve.
  4. Return to the church and resume distributing Holy Communion.

After Mass, a priest, deacon, or sexton will pour the dissolved hosts down the secrarium while flushing the secrarium drain with hot water.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Diane McCarthy at 781-438-0200, or email her at [email protected].

(Updated Jul 02, 2022)