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Religious Education

Religious Education

Welcome to Religious Education!

Our Mission for our Students:

To help our students develop a Catholic identity by providing them with a strong foundation in the traditions and practices of our Catholic faith so they can live God’s work every day and share it with all they meet as Jesus taught us.

Our Mission for our Families:

To help parents to fulfill their Baptismal promise of raising their child in the Catholic faith by encouraging and enabling parents to grow in their own faith through active participation in their child’s religious education journey so they can act as the primary role models for their children in appreciation for prayer, liturgy, and tradition.

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Religious Education Registration is now Closed

Religious Education Registration is currently closed. If you need to complete your child(ren)’s registration, please email the office at [email protected].

How our program works:

This year we offering both Virtual Class and Homeschool options for grades 1-8. Digital books are included in the registration fee, but paper books are available for purchase for $20 each if desired. Grades 9-10 (Confirmation I and II) will complete classes online and meet 3 times.

Virtual Class: Grades 1-8

Virtual Class students will meet via a bi-weekly Zoom for approximately 30 minutes each class. Students who participate in Virtual Classes are required to have their camera on unless you have contacted the office in advance for an exception. Students are expected to have read the chapters before the class so that we may focus on specific topics from each session in our Zoom meetings. Students enrolled in Virtual Class will be expected to make up any missed classes as homeschool. See the Virtual Class Parent Instructions and the Missed Class Parent Instructions PDFs for details.

Virtual Classes will begin in late October and end in early April. Dates of Virtual Classes and the sessions/chapters covered at each class can be found on the Religious Education Calendar which is available to download in October 2021.

Our Virtual Class Schedule is below:

Week 1:

Grade 1 Tuesday 4-4:30 PM
Grade 2: Tuesday at 4:45-5:15 OR 5:15-5:45
Grade 3: Wednesday at 4-4:30 PM
Grade 4: Wednesday at 4:45-5:15 PM

Week 2:

Grade 5: Tuesday at 4-4:30 PM
Grade 6: Tuesday at 4:45-5:15 PM
Grade 7: Wednesday at 4-4:30 PM
Grade 8: Wednesday at 4:45-5:15 PM

If these times do not work for your family, you may enroll your child in homeschool.

Homeschool: Grades 1-8

The expectation is that Religious Education Homeschool students will complete all 25 chapters/sessions in the book at their own pace. Homeschool consists of reading the chapter/session, taking a short quiz on the session until the child receives 100%, and logging the date of completion for each chapter on a Paper Homeschool Log as well as a Google Form Homeschool Log. See the Homeschool Parent Instructions PDF for details and the optional Art Print Links by grade PDF.

Confirmation I and II

The goal of the Confirmation Program at St. Patrick Parish is to help our students learn how to live Christian Lives in a world that is often not. Students will be encouraged to learn to defend their faith, live as a model of Jesus in the world, and perform works to build Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

The Decision Point book will be used to accompany the Grade 9 and Grade 10 program. It is available as a free download, an app or as a paper copy for a nominal fee. After registration, students will receive a link to the online lessons to complete at their convenience.

Confirmation I: Grade 9

To fulfill the Confirmation I class requirements, candidates must complete all online lessons at home, and students are required to attend 3 meetings. Students attending a Catholic High School who receive a passing grade in theology are not required to complete the Grade 9 class requirement for Confirmation I.

Confirmation II: Grade 10

All students, in both public and Catholic schools, must complete Grade 10 Religious Education with a parish in order to be Confirmed. To be eligible for Confirmation in 2022, candidates must complete all online lessons and have turned in all appropriate paperwork, fees, and writing assignments by March 1, 2022. Students are also expected to attend fellowship activities and 3 required meetings or Masses to complete the program.


Share your faith as a catechist this year! We are in need of Catechists and Catechist Aids who feel comfortable being on the zoom virtual class meetings with a staff member. A Catechist will be the primary teacher for the class and supplied with all necessary materials. Catechist Aids will assist the staff member on the zoom call by completing attendance, admitting late students and monitoring the class for adherence to the rules. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss how you can volunteer today.

Christian Service:

All grades 1-10 are required to complete Christian Service as part of the Religious Education program. Christian Service consists of volunteering or raising money for programs that support the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. See the Christian Service PDF for more details.

Thank you for joining our Religious Education Family! We look forward to helping you to grow your child’s faith!

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14