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Religious Education News

Religious Education News

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Confirmation Volunteers Needed!

Listed below are Confirmation volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in one or more of these volunteer opportunities please reach out to Allison Capuano at [email protected].

Please note: All Volunteers must complete a Cori & must participate in the Protecting God's Children Program if you have not already.

  1. Saint Vincent de Paul Walk – October 15th at 8:30 am
    1. Collect Paperwork
    2. Walk with participants - Show the walkers where to walk.
    3. Count donations
  2. Substitute Zoom Class Attendance Recorders & Monitors
    1. During the first 15 minutes of our Zoom classes I will need a volunteer to take attendance. You can write the names down on a piece of paper or on a Word document and email me the list.
    2. For all the Zoom classes I need extra adult to sit and observe the class as I teach. You do not need to teach the class or talk to the students. You would be in class as an extra set of eyes and ears in case there is a problem during class.
  3. Fellowship & Retreat Attendance Recorders & Monitors
    1. Take attendance as students enter Confirmation events
    2. Monitor students during the event
    3. Collect & orgnize paperwork from students
  4. Confirmation Ceremony Rehearsal Volunteers (3 Separate Rehearsals)
    1. Help with setting up for the rehearsal
    2. Help with seating students
    3. Help with preparing students for the ceremony
    4. Collect & organize paperwork from students
  5. Confirmation Ceremony Volunteers: March 4th - 9am, 11am, 1pm
            Volunteers should not have child/children participating in the Confirmation ceremony. 
    1. Help with setting up for the ceremony
    2. Help with lining up students
    3. Help with preparing students for the ceremony
    4. Help with placing signs on seats for students 
    5. Help with seating families
    6. Help with cleaning up signs in the church and hall

Grade 8, 9, & 10 Zoom Dates

Here are the Zoom dates for Grades 8, 9, and 10. You do not need to sign up for the Zoom classes. We will send out a Zoom link as we get closer to the date. Students will only need to attend one Zoom date for each lesson. Please make sure your child/children has their book by the first Zoom lesson.

Example: October 16th and 17th will cover lesson 1
               October 23rd and 24th will cover lesson 2

October 16, 2022
October 23, 2022
November 6, 2022
November 13, 2022
December 4, 2022
December 18, 2022
January 22, 2023

October 17, 2022
October 24, 2022
November 7, 2022
November 14, 2022
December 5, 2022
December 19, 2022
January 23, 2022
February 6, 2023

February 7, 2023

Important Reminders:

  • Students are not required to attend Zoom lessons.
  • If students do not attend Zoom lessons, they are required to complete the work independently.
  • Students can alternate on how they want to complete their lessons.
    • They can attend a Zoom class one lesson, then do another on their own, then attend another Zoom class.
  • Make up Dates are only for when a sheduled class has been canceled.
  • Students who attend the Zoom lessons will not need to complete the lesson presented but WILL need to answer the questions in their book to receive credit.
  • Attendance will be taken during the first 15 minutes of class.
    • Students will need to sign in the Zoom class with their first and last name to be marked down as present for the class.
    • Student’s camera must be on for the duration of the class.
  • Families with multiple children in the Zoom class will need to sign into Zoom with their last name and then the word ‘Family’.
    • Example: Murphy Family

Students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct at all times.

Religious Education Registration is now Closed

Religious Education Registration is currently closed. If you need to complete your child(ren)’s registration, please email the office at [email protected].

Contact us:
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[email protected]

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