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Ministry Spotlights

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Saint Patrick Altar Society

The Main Altar areas are maintained by a rotation process of our Altar Society Members. We are in need of new volunteers to become members of the Altar Society.

Members take their turn to volunteer to launder Altar Linens (purificators, corporals, finger towels) on a monthly basis. Cloths for the altars are also laundered, pressed, and changed throughout the liturgical year.

Altar ware as well as altar furniture is polished. There is also the upkeep of plants which help to beautify the altar area. Other tasks include removing spilled wax from carpet and dry mopping. The Sacristy area is also maintained and we are thankful to all who enter and help us by returning things to their place.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact the Parish Office at 781-438-0960.

Religious Education Program

The Religious Education Program relies on our Volunteers to serve our over 600 students each year. We have several different volunteer positions. These include, Catechists, who are supplied with resources and teach groups of 8-12 students in grades 1-10, Catechist Aids, who assist the catechists in the classrooms with activities and special needs students, and Office Helpers, who makes copies, cut and prep for the classes.

Religious Education needs volunteers in the afternoons and evenings as well as during the day. We have classes Monday-Thursday, Saturday mornings and Sunday nights. We also rely on volunteers to assist us with Grade level Masses and receptions on Sundays. Those who interact with children are required to have taken Protecting God’s Children and must complete a CORI each year.

Please contact Marina Memmo @ 781-438-1093.

Many thanks to our repeat and new volunteers! Without you we could not do it!

Parish Pastoral Visitors

Pastoral Visitors share their faith and bring the care of the parish community to our sick and homebound neighbors. They are prayer companions who offer Eucharist on a regular basis to the sick and homebound who live either in their own homes or at one of the nursing centers in Stoneham. They are parishioners who volunteer to serve as a vital link between the Church and the homebound, who are unable to attend Mass with our community due to illness, injury, or advanced age.

Training to become a Pastoral Visitor will prepare you to bring Holy Eucharist to the homebound and to be an active listener and attentive prayer companion. Many homebound parishioners are delighted to visit with you while they share their life stories or their concerns with someone willing to listen. You may also consider leading a group Rosary at one of the nursing centers. If you cannot commit to a regular schedule, you might also provide back-up to a regular visitor in case of illness or vacation. If you would like to join this ministry, please call or stop by to see Patrice Fitzpatrick (781.438.0200) to discuss how you might share your gifts with other parishioners who miss being an active part of our parish community.

All pastoral visitors must complete a CORI, training in distributing Holy Eucharist and the Pastoral Visitors Training Workshop offered by the Archdiocese of Boston.

The Sacristan

Also known as the ‘Sexton’, you see them working diligently, ensuring that the Mass is conducted in such a way that sacred reverence is given to the One who has given us so much. The church defines these dutiful persons as: One who guards the church and its’ treasures. They have the keys of the church and commit themselves as guardians of the sacred edifice and all it contains.

Saint Patrick Church has a long standing tradition of not only opening the doors for opportunities such as this but also depending on the parishioner’s helping hands to continue the good work of the church for all people.

Sacristans play an important role as they support the weekend, daily and holy day liturgies we celebrate. When a Sexton walks into the sanctuary to celebrate Mass, they see the details of which are necessary to celebrate Holy Eucharist. Every element in the sanctuary is in order, clean and ready for the celebration.

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia defines a sacristan as an officer who cares for the sacristy, where vestments and sacred vessels are stored, the sanctuary and all contents. While a sacristan can be a priest and deacon, we invite the laity to participate in the liturgy in a deeper, more intimate manner.

If you are interested in this ministry, please call Deacon Frank @ 781-438-2498. He will sit with you and help you walk this path to a most beautiful personal relationship with our Lord and our Mass celebrations.