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Catholic Schools Week A Message from Bishop Mark Catholic Schools Logo

Catholic Schools Week begins January 26th!
This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.”

For Catholics learning is not simply informational but formational. Catholic education invites young people to view the world and all its wonders through a vision of faith: to learn why God made the world, us and for what purpose each one has been put on this earth. Our Catholic schools can freely speak of science in connection to our faith which is increasingly important in our world that demands separation of the two. The Catholic vision for humanity fosters lasting values that build personhood and character. We are grateful to all our parishes for contributing to making this a viable opportunity here in the North Region.

In the North Region, we have 18 elementary schools, 3 middle & high schools combined, and 3 high schools. All of these schools enhance opportunities for our youngest members and are a tremendous place of faith and learning that I hope all our parishes support.

The theme for National Catholic Schools Week 2020 is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” During the week schools typically celebrate with Masses, open houses, and other activities for students, families, parishioners, and community members. Through these events, schools focus on the value Catholic education provides young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation.

Support our schools! Encourage enrollment in our Catholic Schools in the North Region!

For more information, visit www.catholicschoolsboston.org.

May God grant you his peace.
+Mark O’Connell, Regional Bishop for the North

(Posted Jan 08, 2020)


Open HouseSt. Patrick School would like to invite you to our next Open House on January 26, 2020 at 1:00 pm in Our Lady’s Hall. Come see the facility, meet the teachers, and hear about all of our wonderful programs including STEAM, foreign language, Summer Program for 3, 4, and 5 year olds, preschool program, technology initiatives, and much more. Set up a tour today by calling 781-438-2593.

(Posted Dec 22, 2019)


We are off a fantastic start here at St. Patrick School. We welcomed back all students on September 4th. Students were excited to be back, see their friends, and start into a new routine. We began a new lunch partnership with Laurie's 909 Catering out of Wakefield. We are offering new after school clubs including robotics, cooking, and instrumental lessons. We celebrated together as a community at our Back to School Bash filled with fun, music, games, and food trucks. I would love to share more with you. Please feel free to contact the school at 781-438-2593 or see more information on our website: stpatrickschoolstoneham.org.

Principal Bailey Magazzu


Saint Patrick School Logo

June 2018

Dear Families of St. Patrick Parish,

It is with great humility that I accept the appointment as Principal of the beloved school I have worked at for 10 years. I am grateful for the support of Fr. Mario and the Catholic Schools Office as I embark on this endeavor. I have been a parishioner for 19 years, baptized and confirmed my children here, as well as served as a volunteer catechist. I started in 2008 at St. Patrick School as a part-time reading teacher in the 3rd grade. I have substituted, taught Spanish, middle school ELA, Religion, Social Studies, and just completed my year long training as an Apprentice/Assistant Principal. During these years, to say that I have been impressed by the commitment of our families would be an understatement. I have witnessed the success of our students and community. I will work tirelessly to provide students with a nurturing environment, allowing them to reach their spiritual and academic potential.

We are blessed to have Sr. Maureen Joseph Hunt continue as the Assistant Principal of Catholic Faith Formation. I look forward to working closely with her to foster our Catholic identity. She has worked with our faculty this year to institute the Faith Formation Standards in the classroom for curriculum and assists our students each morning in leading our daily prayers. Students as young as PreK can recite the Rosary thanks to her guidance.

As a school, we have always taken great pride in the success of our students. As a teacher, I was committed to teaching the whole child using project-based learning, compassion, and establishing a sense of community. As a leader, I will work to guide our faculty and staff to drive instruction with the same philosophy.

I would be thrilled to show your family the benefits of our school, which includes daily prayer and religion class, a buddy system, experiential field trips, and much more. Recent studies have shown that students who attend Catholic school show higher achievement, higher graduation rates and higher college enrollment. Please call to set up an appointment. Thank you for your dedication to St. Patrick Parish.

God bless,

Mrs. Bailey Magazzu


Why choose us?

Faith-based rigorous curriculum with technology integration
Data-driven instruction to meet the needs of all learners
Foreign language instruction and fine arts starting in early elementary grades to middle school
Community service projects
After-school care from PreK 3-8
Extracurricular activities
Opportunities to participate in school and parish liturgies

Did you know that Catholic schools show higher achievement, higher graduation rates and higher college enrollment?
Call the office for a tour and interview today!

Mrs. Bailey Magazzu, M. Ed.
Visit our website at http://stpatrickschoolstoneham.org/.