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Recent Layoffs

Dear Church,

As you are no doubt aware, the recent spread of COVID-19 has placed a significant strain on many churches and businesses throughout our diocese. It has also affected our ability to conduct business as we were accustomed to. Hence over the last few months we have taken serious efforts to continue to reduce our spending, the use of utilities, and the hours in order to sustain our Parish throughout this situation.

Despite this, it was still necessary to permanently lay off a number of our parish staff, who have been with us many years, in order to reduce payroll costs. This was a measure that we made every effort to avoid. However, it was absolutely necessary to do. I know they will be truly missed and I wanted to thank Mary Price our parish Secretary, Josephine Olsen our parish Receptionist, Anne Dooley our Religious Education Coordinator and Marina Memmo our parish Director for Religious Education for all of their hard work.

One of the most important ways we can honor those who have been placed on permanent leave from Saint Patrick Parish is to let them know that their work and their contributions over the years has truly mattered, and they will always be a significant part of this Parish community. I am confident that their work over the many years they have shared with us will live on, just as Saint Patrick Parish will live on.

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done and to let everyone know how much we appreciate each one of you!

Fr. Mario & Fr. Frank