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Saint Patrick Parish Grand Annual Appeal 2022

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Dear Church,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying these autumn days. As usual, many things are happening here at Saint Patrick Parish. Since our debt has been paid off, capital improvements and maintenance to our facilities are continuing to take place. We will be installing a new heating and cooling system to our school buildings to replace the ancient system used when the schools were first built. The savings from new energy efficient systems will result in reduced energy costs and repair expenses. We continue to repair our stained-glass window frames, and we will be installing a new security system to protect our parishioners. Our Religious Education programs are once again underway and our parish school has an exciting new outlook with the appointment of our new principal, Dr. Laurie Sullivan.

As I write this letter, I have just finished celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 12:00 pm, which is always a celebration of our life together thanking God for His unconditional love and witnessing to others our love and hospitality. Additionally, we have new parishioners constantly joining Saint Patrick Parish! This is a testimony to the vitality of this Community of Faith, comprised of more than 5,300 families.

As you know, all of our ministries and our initiatives depend on your generosity. Our annual budget expenditures exceed $1.5 million. The Weekly Offertory currently funds 65% of our expenses excluding capital improvements, the Catholic Appeal, and our religious education expenses. The Grand Annual Collection funds roughly 7%. of all expenses. The remainder is funded by our sacramental offerings, donations, gifts and bequests. I am grateful for your consistent financial support! Clearly the Grand Annual Collection is vital in maintaining the financial health of the parish.

I am asking you to consider taking part in this year’s Grand Annual Appeal. Last year, we set a goal of $120,000 and through your generosity were able to almost meet our goal. Our Grand Annual Appeal goal this year re-mains at $120,000 and I am asking for a donation of $300.00 per household. For the many on a fixed income an offering of your own choice would be greatly appreciated. Parishioners may also choose to make their contribu-tions in installments. The generosity of those who remember St. Patrick Parish in their wills and estates, as well as prudent use of funds cannot alone support our parish, and this year we pray that you will again be able to make your donation to our Grand Annual.

Please consider what you can give in your generosity. As always, please know that we are most grateful for whatever contribution you can make to this year’s Grand Annual Appeal. We want to thank you for being a member of Saint Patrick Parish and for your generous support of our common life.

Sincerely in Christ,
Rev. Mario J. Orrigo, Pastor